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    tree removal helensburgh

    Our team of fully qualified Arborists have been successfully pruning and removing trees for over 35 years. Take peace of mind when we come to your home, all our cutting arborists are certificate 3 in arborculture qualified and as a company we have full public liability insurance and are Arborculture Australia certified. We have literally done hundreds of tree removals in Helensburgh over the past 3 decades and we are locals based in the Sutherland Shire.

    Our services include, but are not limited to the following:

    Tree Removal – Complete cutting down and removal of the entire tree

    Tree Pruning – Trimming of dangerous, diseased or troublesome branches

    Stump Removal – After a tree has been cut down there will always be a stump left over measuring at least a foot off the ground. There are many ways a stump can be removed, but our team focus on the quickest and most effective way which is stump grinding.

    Wood Chip Mulch – Most trees that are taken down are put through a wood chipper to make it compact enough to be taken offsite efficiently.

    Arborist Reports – When applying to remove trees for development applications or other reasons such as disease you will usually need an accompanying arborist report from a cert 5 qualified arborist.

    About Helensburgh

    Located on the southern end of the royal national park and the northern end of the Illawarra region, Helensburgh was first established as a mining town back in the 1880’s after a large coal seam was discovered in the area. The first post office opened in 1886 and the first public school opened in 1887. This beautiful part of the new south wales south coast maintains much of it raw beauty being under crowded and still very laid back. Coal mining still operates today in this area at the Peabody Energy Australia¬†Metropolitan Colliery. Helensburgh falls under the city of Wollongong local government area, so all local legislation regarding tree comes under the City of Wollongong tree removal guidelines.