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    Tree Pruning and Tree Removal Parramatta arborist services parramatta Looking for a certified arborist to prune and remove trees in Parramatta? Shane’s Trees are one of the fastest growing tree removal companies operating in Sydney and this is largely due to great prices, high standard of work and unbeatable customer service. There are many tree removal companies operating in the area, but only Shane’s Trees has the equipment and 35 years experience to handle any size job with any type of access requirements. Our Tree services include:

    Complete Tree Removal Parramatta

    So you’ve had your tree removal application approved and now it’s time to choose your vendor. Not all tree loppers are qualified arborists and not all companies are fully insured. Shane’s Trees can certainly guarantee you both. We can give you the best advice right from the start, then you can rely on us get the job done. From the Tree Climbing to the felling, the mulching, the removal, and the cleanup, this is our specialty.

    • Tree Trimming, Tree Pruning, Crown Reduction, and Raising
    • Stump Grinding
    • Arborist reports
    • Free wood chip mulch delivery

    Most Tree removal jobs in Parramatta will require approval from the local council and you can view the Parramatta Tree Removal guidelines here More Tree Services