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    If you are a Councillor or local government representative looking for qualified tree contractors then look no further. Shane’s Trees can tick all the boxes you are looking for particularly with regards to safety, qualifications and processes. We have built a culture of safety and awareness which we continuously improving upon everyday and can offer piece of mind to councils looking to hire contractors.

    Consider the following benefits of using us a contractor:

    1. Daily safety tool box meetings with emphasis on processes and risk mitigation
    2. 2-3 hour safety meeting every monday morning
    3. PPE must be worn onsite including helmets, eye shields, nylon chainsaw pants, high vis, steel cap boots
    4. Only certified climbers used
    5. We hold current certificate 3 in arborculture
    6. Public liability insurance to the sum of 20 million ( See Certificate)

    We are proud to have a culture of continuous improvement with regards to safety. We have a ‘Stop Work’ policy where anyone onsite has the right to stop works immediately if they see potential hazards, regardless of experience or their position in the company. We also encourage all staff to conduct safe performance self assessment SPSA or JSA’s, before carrying out new tasks as every tree job and work site is different and can carry different sets of risk.

    For more information or to discuss potential contracts, call shanes trees on 0422 927 381